how to make the latest tik tok trend: tea bombs!

how to make the latest tik tok trend: tea bombs!

tea bombs, the newest recipe sensation, bring magic to your mug

add a splash of Picnik Creamer to make these tea bombs a truly luxe experience

Tea bombs are quickly unseating hot chocolate bombs as the must-make drink of the season. With warm weather right around the corner, we're bringing the blooming flowers and sunshine of spring to our morning mug with this trending recipe. Tea bombs are delicate spheres of sugar encasing fragrant teas, edible flowers and glitter, or dried citrus, and they look like beautiful blown glass globes. When dropped into hot water, the sugar sphere releases all the delicious goodies right in front of your eyes. Whether you're a tea fanatic or a coffee devotee, these ethereal little spheres dazzle and delight– and we can all use a little magic in our day. ✨
The secret finishing ingredient? A splash of Picnik Creamer for rich texture, healthy fats, grass-fed protein, and MCT oil to keep you satiated, energized and focused throughout your day. It's afternoon teatime with a gorgeous makeover.
Picnik Creamers

tea bombs

for the shell:


1/2 cup white sugar (great directions shown here)


1/3 cup sugar (we used turbinado, but white sugar is easier to work with)
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp honey

for the inside:

flowering tea (any small - medium size flower will work)
optional: edible flowers, edible glitter, or dried citrus

tea bomb shell instructions:

either follow the video tutorial for white sugar tea bomb shell, or for the lemon-honey tea bomb shell, see below:
  • In a pot, mix together sugar, water and lemon juice and cook it over medium heat.
  • When the mixture boils, decrease the flame to low/medium and stir in the honey.
  • Cook the mixture until it hits a hard candy stage (295-310 degrees Fahrenheit) and remove from heat. It's tempting to cook this over higher heat for speed, but it can burn the sugar, so err on the side of lower temp.
  • Pour the sugar mixture into round silicone molds.  Either use a spoon to spread it around (quickly) or pour the sugar mixture back and forth between cavities to get even, thick coverage for the shell.  Please be careful!  Hot sugar will burn you.
  • Let the shell harden completely before removing from the mold.
Once your shell is complete:
  • Place flowering tea inside one side of the shell and quickly heat the edge of one side of another sphere in a medium hot pan to get the sugar to melt slightly.  This acts like an adhesive or hot glue. 
  • Glue the two spheres to each other.
  • Put tea bomb in a mug and top with hot water.
  • Let tea bomb steep until tea blooms, and top with Picnik Creamer!
This recipe makes about 3 tea bombs.

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