NEW! Plant-Based Creamer is here!

NEW! Plant-Based Creamer is here!

the richest plant-based creamer ever.

Same gorgeously vegan recipe, new Plant-Based name.

Picnik Plant-Based Creamer pouring into glass

We'd like to introduce you to the richest dairy-free creamer ever. Formerly Picnik Vegan Creamer, our Plant-Based Creamer is back with a fresh new look! 

We know tons of people are out there looking for more plant-based options. In an effort to be more inclusive, the name of our Vegan Creamer is changing to Picnik Plant-Based Creamer. We’re also switching up the color to a fresh, vibrant green that will be easy to find in stores and reflects the powerful plant-based ingredients. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy this rich, dairy-free creamer– with a texture similar to half-and-half and a versatile unsweetened flavor, Plant-Based Creamer is interchangeable with regular milk in all your fave recipes!

Picnik Plant-Based Creamer used in baking

what makes our plant-based creamer so special?

cashew milk: 

Cashew cream is the main star of the show, and lends this dairy-free creamer its ultra-rich, silky texture. Cashews are loaded with high quality plant-based fat and a variety of compounds which can contribute to radiant skin and immunity. And hey, it's just plain delicious!

coconut cream:

Another delicious dairy-free natural fat, coconut cream is luxuriously decadent and great for brain and body. Coconuts contain the anti-inflammatory powerhouse lauric acid, as well as potassium and energy-boosting healthy fats. 

MCT oil: 

MCT means medium chain triglycerides (say that five times fast), which just means a special fat that is immediately digested by your body into ketones. Ketones are the primary fuel source for your brain and muscles, and give a boost of mental clarity, energy and alertness. Perfect for your morning cup of coffee.

ready to snag your plant-based creamer?

It's available at HEBs throughout Texas, Giant Martins, Krogers, Natural Grocers, Central Market,, and– and we're adding more stores all the time!

We're so excited to show off our brand new look. Because although vegans love our MCT-oil boosted plant-based creamer, it’s truly for everyone who wants a dreamy and rich non-dairy option. Shop now to start using deliciously rich plant-based fats in all your favorite coffee, tea, smoothie, soup, and baking recipes!

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