PSA: our original creamer is getting a name change to keto creamer!

PSA: our original creamer is getting a name change to keto creamer!

our keto creamer is the same clean,  rich formula you know and love.

That's right! While the recipe hasn't changed, you'll see that the name on the package got a little facelift. It's still made with grass-fed butter, the goodness of MCT oil, and protein, and has that same dreamy texture. 


What happens if I drink it and I'm not keto? 

You'll have a gloriously rich, creamy and satiating experience! There's no need to be keto to enjoy this product– it's for everyone! It just happens to fit perfectly into a keto lifestyle. No matter your diet, you'll have an excellent experience!⁠

Why did you change the name? 

While "Original" was fine, we feel like "Keto" is a better description of the product. It's great for people who are searching for keto products, and also works for those of you who just want a darn delicious creamer. For those who live a keto lifestyle, sometimes finding the right products is hard work, and we wanted to make their lives a little easier!

What the heck does "Keto" mean anyway? 

In short, "keto" foods are super low in carbs and contain easily digestible, satiating fats that your body can use for immediate energy. Picnik Keto Creamer contains 0g net carbs, grass-fed butter and MCT oil, so it fits the bill perfectly.

I'm still receiving/seeing Original Creamer. Is is still good? 

Yes! We still have BRAND NEW Original Creamer in our inventory and will continue to see it out in the world for several more months. In fact, if you see it, you should snag it! It's like limited edition now... get it while you can!