how to save 10% on Picnik coffee creamer

Three flavors of Picnik Creamer, Collagen, Vegan, and Original

To make it even easier for y'all to get your hands on our Creamer, no matter where you are in the continental USA, we have a monthly subscription service that requires a one-time setup and that's it!

Here's how it works:

By choosing a subscription, you will save 10% and will receive the product of your choice every 4 weeks. You can edit or cancel your subscription at any time by logging in and accessing the settings in your account. 

To set up your monthly subscription:

    1. Click the product you'd like to purchase under "products" on the menu bar at the top of
    2. Instead of "One-Time Purchase," click the box that says "Subscribe & Save 10%"
    3. When ready, check out through the shopping cart.
    4. Enjoy your monthly product delivery!

This is what the purchase page looks like. Choose the 2nd option:

Picnik Creamer Deal


We hope this helps save you time and energy and keeps your Picnik Creamer in stock at home!

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