adaptogen overnight oats, three ways

adaptogen overnight oats, three ways

adaptogen overnight oats, three ways

crafted with Picnik Vanilla Oatmilk Adaptogen Creamer for added focus + energy

adaptogen overnight oats


Overnight oats are the ultra-convenient way to make absolutely sure you have a delicious and nutritious breakfast waiting for you in the fridge. Our Vanilla Oatmilk Adaptogen Creamer elevates these overnight oats with a dose of feel-good adaptogens and amino acids, as well as grass-fed collagen for healthy skin, hair, and gut. These superstar ingredients come together to form a nutrient-dense, fiber-rich breakfast which can increase focus, clarity, and energy throughout your day. 

One overnight oats recipe can get repetitive overtime, especially if you're prepping overnight oats for the entire workweek. With a little imagination, some fun ingredients, and a whole lot of functionality from the new Picnik Vanilla Oatmilk Adaptogen Creamer, you can reinvent the oatmeal wheel. We asked one of our favorite nutritional gurus Thamara Fleming of @holistic.thamis to craft three different takes on this delicious and filling classic breakfast.

Fun tip: use mini cookie cutter shapes to slice your fruit into ultra-adorable shapes! The smallest details can set you up for an enlightened day. Trust us, morning you will thank us later. 



the base recipe:

Prepare the night before in containers. Refrigerate and enjoy the next morning!

adaptogen overnight oats

overnight oats flavors: 

banana bread 

  • base recipe + 1 tbsp peanut butter 
  • toppings: more PB,  banana, pecans, cinnamon, 

strawberry cacao

  • base recipe + 1 tbsp unsweetened cacao powder 
  • toppings: chocolate chips, crunchy granola, strawberries 

pitaya coconut 

  • base recipe + 1/2 of a dragon fruit (mashed with a fork) 
  • toppings: coconut yogurt, dragon fruit, coconut flakes or chips 

This is your sign to take tomorrow morning off and skip breakfast duty. Make these overnight oats tonight and rest easy knowing tomorrow is covered.

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adaptogen overnight oats