7 easy vegan Thanksgiving sides

Picnik Plant-Based Creamer in baking

check out some easy vegan Thanksgiving sides to impress your fam

We love using our Plant-Based Creamer for more than just coffee. Especially during Thanksgiving, our creamer is a deliciously smooth swap for heavy cream or the plant milks in your favorite recipes. Maybe you're trying to introduce your relatives to more plant-based flavor, or maybe you're accommodating the dietary restriction of a family member – we've got you covered! We've gathered some amazing and elegant vegan Thanksgiving dishes from around the web to round out your feast this holiday season. Just swap Plant-Based Creamer in these recipes for a nourishing boost of MCT oil. Elevated cognitive function and energy = no more turkey dinner slump.

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pumpkin pie oatmeal 

cozy pumpkin oatmeal by a couple cooks

Let's talk Thanksgiving breakfast: You wake up early, you have a dizzying amount of recipes printed, a strict oven rotation schedule to adhere to, and a mountain of vegetables to chop. If you need a delicious and nourishing breakfast to keep you going– and discourage you from sneaking bites of the stuffing!– this toasted bowl of oats is perfect. It has the warm, spiced and nutty flavor profile you crave in the fall season. Make this recipe with our Plant-Based Creamer and you'll get the added benefits of MCT oil to set you up for a full day of cooking.


green bean casserole

green bean casserole by yours truly (the Picnik team!) 

A holiday classic, perfected with good-for-you ingredients! We use our very own Plant-Based Creamer to infuse this dish with a rich texture and energizing MCTs. Pro-tip: gently simmer the creamer and broth to slowly thicken the sauce. A sprinkle of almond flour and nutritional yeast on top gives this deliciously savory dish an indulgent crust.


Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

pumpkin gingerbread trifle by baum ass foods

If you're wondering what exactly a trifle is, don't worry; so were we. A trifle is "a cold dessert of sponge cake covered with layers of custard, jelly, and cream"– an sophisticated dish that looks as good as it tastes. Hilaire from Baum Ass Foods has given this English dessert a decidedly American Thanksgiving twist, and we're loving the gorgeous presentation and decadent flavor.


Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

vegan scalloped potatoes by karissa's kitchen

 The secret to this cheesy, savory, starch-y bowl of literal heaven? Nutritional yeast and a mandoline, to cut every potato the same width and ensure even cooking. We made this with Plant-Based Creamer (of course) and the results are divine. It's always a good time to sneak some extra MCT oil into your diet- and what better way than layered between tender slices of baked potato! 


Pumpkin shells

stuffed shells with pumpkin and cashew ricotta by my darling vegan

Looking for an elegant stand-in for mac n cheese? We're drooling over this sophisticated twist: jumbo pasta shells stuffed with rich, earthy pumpkin and cashew ricotta. Top it off with a sage béchamel, and you're sure to impress everyone at the dinner table. Try our Plant-Based Creamer in the sauce to add silky vegan texture and functionality to an already beautiful and delicious dish!


vegan creamed corn

vegan creamed corn by shane simple 

Picnik was started in Texas, and here in the South creamed corn is a holiday staple– though typically loaded with butter, heavy cream, and sugar. This healthier spin on a southern favorite actually lets the vegetable take the spotlight! Shane from Shane Simple gives this recipe a touch of sweetness with maple and creates the familiar thick and creamy texture by combining plant milk with flax seed. Whether debuting creamed corn on your Thanksgiving table for the first time, or looking for a modern version of your old favorite, give this recipe a try. Just don't expect leftovers!


perfect mashed cauliflower

roasted garlic mashed cauliflower by minimalist baker 

"Secretly healthy" is this dish's middle name. A low-carb alternative to potatoes, the humble cauliflower is actually wonder vegetable! It can be riced, pureed, or grilled as a steak– and with no peeling time necessary, the prep time is minimal, giving you more time to spend with family (or watch the game). Add splashes of Picnik Plant-Based Creamer while pureeing to reach the perfect, creamy consistency. 

We know it can be tough to be plant-based during Thanksgiving. As you're planning the menu for the big day, consider these impressive plant-based options for the most flavorful Thanksgiving yet.

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