10 things i'm loving right now

Ten things I'm Loving Right Now - Picnik Founder Naomi Seifter

Hey y’all,

Happy December!  Wow, this year has just flown by.  2019 has been one heck of a ride for me.  I found out I was pregnant in November of last year, and this Christmas, I have a beautiful baby girl in my arms.  I’m definitely using Siri a lot more these days to help me get things done.  I’m also not quite sure if I will ever sleep again, but my heart is full, and I’m feeling an unbelievable amount of joy and love.

As we are quickly approaching the holidays, I wanted to share 10 things I’m loving right now.  The products and companies I’m sharing here are completely unsponsored, so you know that you are getting my honest opinion.  Several of my shout-outs below would make for perfect gifts if you are still shopping for loved ones (or for yourself!) this holiday season.

I hope some of these products and makers bring you some inspiration and joy as you finish out the year.  Enjoy!


Apartment F Rug


Apt F

handmade goods + one-of-a-kind rugs

shopaptf.com // instagram @apt.f // 2505 E 6th St Unit E, Austin, TX 78702

This shop is one of my all-time favorites.  Kevin and I have been doing construction on our house for several years, so when we finished up the majority of our projects, I was excited about the opportunity to finally decorate.  I found Apt F through my designer, Grace Hall, from McCray & Co.  The store is full of ethically sourced, handmade goods and vintage, one-of-a-kind rugs.  I have a passion for all-things midcentury modern as well as handmade goods, so I was in love with AptF's curation right away.  Basically every rug I have in my house is from Apt F, and I have more of their cactus silk pillows than I care to publicly admit, so I’m clearly a big fan.  Every week, she brings in new rugs and posts about them on her site and on her instagram, so definitely give them a follow to be up to date on their newest inventory.


Meesha Farzaneh Earrings

Meesha Farzaneh 

handmade clay jewelry

www.meeshafarzaneh.com // instagram @ meeshafarzaneh

I met Meesha a few weekends ago at the Renegade Craft Fair here in Austin, TX.  There were tons of local makers, but I was instantly obsessed when I walked past her booth.  Meesha makes gorgeous clay-based jewelry.  The material is flexible and durable and her earrings are super lightweight.  I bought several pairs and they have been magic on my sensitive ears.  I wore her black “Medusa” earrings and got compliments all day long.  As a new Mom, I’m adjusting to my postpartum body and dressing up has been a little difficult over the past few months.  Meesha’s earrings instantly gave me a confidence boost, as they are unique, vibrant and eye-catching.  Highly recommend!


Rituals Austin

Rituals Austin

goods for your spiritual toolbox

ritualsaustin.com // instagram @ ritualsaustin

Shoppes at Canopy: 916 Springdale Rd. Retail Trailer #3, Austin, TX 78702

A highly intuitive woman with a keen eye for product curation and design, I’ve absolutely loved my experiences at Rituals Austin with founder, Kati.  She recently moved her storefront to The Shoppes at Canopy and sells a beautiful selection of products to support the spirit, and also hosts super fun and creative pop-ups around Austin.  Her organic, loose leaf teas deserve a very special shout-out and would make for a perfect stocking stuffer.  Her packaging is drop dead gorgeous and the product brews a magical hot or cold cup of tea.  Every one of her teas is blended by hand and given some extra good vibes with reiki energy.  She crafted her blends to be fully functional, working with an herbalist in the process, and they are absolutely delicious.  Choose from Moon Magic (Calm + Uplifting), Ritual (Awake + Align), Winter Wellness (Immune Defense), Transform (Heal + Empower), Holy Basil Alchemy (Magic + Intuition) or Love + Heart.  


Beauty Blender Makeup Tool

Beauty Blender

a makeup tool for practical application


Okay, okay, I know, Beauty Blender’s signature Blender came out a very long time ago, but I never used one until recently.  I always applied my foundation by hand, but the Beauty Blender is next level.  It gives my makeup a much more even finish and keeps my hands off my face during makeup application.  Love.


Lost Pines Yaupon Tea Concentrate

Lost Pines Yaupon Tea Concentrate

slightly sweet + easy to use yaupon tea


I had a chance to sample the Yaupon Tea concentrates from Lost Pines Yaupon Tea recently and I loved the subtle buzz the tea gave me.  The flavor was really clean and refreshing, with my favorites being the Basil Lemon or Mint Lemon concentrates.  According to their website, Yaupon Tea is the only caffeine native to the United States.  There is a long history of Native Americans roasting yaupon leaves and using it as an energizing drink, so founder Jason spent years experimenting with different methods of harvesting, curing and roasting yaupon until he came up with the methods they are using today to craft their products.  The concentrates are awesome because you can add them to hot or cold water (no steeping necessary) and the tea is ready instantly.  I’m loving the Mint Lemon over ice for a mid-afternoon pick me up.


MOA Fortifying Bath Potion

MOA Fortifying Bath Potion

relaxing and uplifting bath potion


I bought this product at Rituals Austin and I felt like it deserved a shout-out all on its own.  This bath potion is a perfect addition to an evening soak.  It’s beautifully refreshing, with a strong, uplifting, but relaxing aroma of peppermint and fennel.  From Rituals website : “with skin toning, refreshing peppermint, detoxifying fennel, calming, relaxing fir needle and sweet birch to ease achy muscles and to help soften the skin..yarrow extract soothes and calms.”  I loved my first soak so much, I couldn’t wait to use it again!


Coconut Cult Chocolate Mousse

Coconut Cult Chocolate Mousse & Probiotic Gelato

vegan + dairy-free probiotic decadent yogurt & gelato

https://thecoconutcult.com/ // instagram @thecoconutcult

The cult is real guys… this stuff is next level.  I’m obsessed with the Chocolate Mousse.  It’s thick, creamy, delicious, effective (those probiotics are no joke, people), and I legit licked the jar clean.  They also just launched some really amazing, functional gelato’s.  The Triple Choco Honey Mama’s Dutch Fudgesicle is delightful (can you tell I love chocolate?).  Even my husband enjoyed it, and he tolerates dairy ice cream just fine.  The ingredients couldn’t be cleaner (using next-level products like coconut meat and coconut nectar) and I’m a big fan.  


Force of Nature Meat

Force of Nature Meats

the best meat on the planet, for the planet

forceofnaturemeats.com // instagram @forceofnaturemeats

Truly, this is the best meat on the planet.  These people are changing the world and their meat is unlike anything else out there on the market.  Force of Nature is combating climate change with better meat and better farming practices.  The team spent the last six years studying regenerative agriculture before they decided it was time to create their own company dedicated to building a global supply network of regenerative ranchers, land stewards and farmers.  I have visited Roam Ranch, one of the farms behind Force of Nature, and their operation is truly mind-blowing.  They raise their livestock in a mixed species setting which mimics the biodiversity found in nature, and as a result, the health of the land is supported and revived, healing the degraded land and positively contributing to reversing climate change.  


Mcconnell's Peppermint Stick Ice Cream

McConnell’s Peppermint Stick Ice Cream 

the best peppermint ice cream there ever was


instagram @mcconnellsicecreams

Okay, there is corn syrup in this ice cream because it has candy canes in it…delightful, festive candy canes.  No, I certainly don’t eat this year round, but if you put this in front of me around the holidays, I will easily eat an entire pint.  McConnell’s ice cream is just so good.  They have been around for over 70 years and their ice cream base is made up of three simple ingredients:  milk and cream that comes from cows that graze on Central Coast grass year round, eggs from local, organic, cage-free hens and cane sugar.  They clarify the last ingredient so eloquently on their website : “pure cane sugar, a bit.  It is ice cream after all.”  Here is a bit about their ice cream and how they make it : https://mcconnells.com/pages/what-we-do  Looks pretty legit to me.


Snooz White Noise Machine

SNOOZ White Noise Machine

portable white noise machine


We ordered this white noise machine recently and it is fantastic.  It has a real fan inside and you can adjust the volume and the machine allows you to adjust the type of noise and the volume as well.  The sound is great, the machine is sleek and it drowns out unnecessary noise in your room while you sleep.  It is also small enough that you can travel with it easily.  The gentle hum of the fan keeps my mind from wandering at night and easily puts me back to sleep if I wake up unexpectedly.  I don't know why I waited so long to get on the white noise train, but I'm loving it.